Editorial| Volume 77, PA1, April 2023

How your articles are making an impact

Published:March 02, 2023DOI:
      As authors continue to submit quality work to various peer-reviewed journals, they often can be uncertain of how their work is making an impact and advancing the science of simulation. Each journal can have their own approach to publishing and measuring metrics/impact, so I would like to highlight how Clinical Simulation in Nursing works for authors to ensure that their accepted manuscripts are visible.
      When articles have been accepted, have gone through the copy edit process, and have all the required agreements completed, they are considered ready to be included in the journal as an Article in Press. They are searchable and are assigned a DOI (digital object identifier). They also are citable, with citations counted in metrics such as the h index in the Scopus database. This often is a question that authors have, and therefore it is important that authors know that they do not have to wait until their article is in an issue to have their work cited by other authors.
      At this stage, you are also provided with a Share Link. This Share Link is a personalized URL that provides 50 days of free access to your article. Anyone clicking on this link in that 50 day period will be taken directly to the latest version of your article on ScienceDirect, which they are welcome to read or download. There is no sign up, registration or fees required. This allows you to send your work to colleagues that you think would benefit from reading your work.
      As the author, you are also encouraged to share your work on your social media accounts. This is done via a convenient link on your article, and all authors are encouraged to share this on their social media. Additionally, the Clinical Simulation in Nursing Twitter account tweets all articles that are published in the current month. Social media postings are collated via Elsevier's Plum Metrics, which can be found on the top right of articles on the website. This is another convenient way for authors to see how their work is making an impact.
      It is also important to note that Clinical Simulation in Nursing is an online only journal, which means that we do not have constraints on the number of articles that we publish each month. As soon as your articles are ready for an issue, they are included. There is no need to wait for months to see your article assigned to an issue. While it has been searchable, citable, and shareable up to this point, seeing the article assigned to an issue is often the last step where authors consider the publishing process complete.
      Your work is making an impact. As the impact factor of the journal remains strong, it is due to the quality work that authors are submitting. It is clear that authors, reviewers, and the entire editorial team is committed to advancing the science of simulation, one article at time.